A kawaii discord bot!

Kisaragi has over 370 commands that mainly focus on anime, music, and website searching. She also has some utilities like anime picture detection, reaction roles, and welcome/leave messages!


Kisaragi Cute

Search for fanart of cute anime girls!

There are commands for searching Pixiv, Deviantart, Safebooru, and other sites! Check the help documentation to view sub-options like searching for lewd pictures. There is also a download reaction that will pack all of the images into a zip file.

Photoshop images! Play music with effects!

You can add adjustments to images such as brightness and hue/saturation, similar to Photoshop! Play music from Soundcloud, Youtube, or an attachment. There are many cool audio effects that you can apply, such as reverse, speed, pitch, reverb, and highpass.

Akashi New Year

Extra moderation and utility features!

There is basic moderation such as word filtering, ban, and kick. There are helpful utilities like reaction roles, captcha verification, starboard, and welcome/leave messages. You can also receive notifications for Youtube and Twitch.

Game commands such as Azur Lane and Osu!

Search for Kancolle and Azur Lane shipgirls and get information on Osu! beatmaps and players. There is also a command for playing a game of minesweeper, which can be played in either reactions or spoiler tags.

Laffey Chibi

Browse Reddit and Twitter posts!

Connect your Reddit and Twitter account with Oauth2 to like, comment, and retweet posts with your account. There are also many commands that are subreddit specific.